Goodbye, Hello Spotless Bride.

Note: This is my goodbye post for my other site. It is a hello to you on thespotlessbrideblog.

Hello, Dear Ones! I want to thank you for all your support over the years. It’s been a blessing to be able to share faith, creativity, and adventure with you over the years. I love you all. After prayer, I’ve decided to end this blog when it expires.

I still have my back up blog:

which I may still write about prophecy, inspiration, and maybe even Second Life and photography. But my main focus is now on writing and actually publishing the books I’ve worked on for nearly ten years.

Also, my first major blog will still be up since it is free:

When this one expires (Jan 12th or so), I’ll remove the site direct on that old one that I had stopped writing on in 2015.

It feels like erasing about 5 years but really, it is time for me to move on. I’ve spent so much time making my family an idol and not focusing on the writing God called me to. Well, it’s taken a lot of hardship to realize that I built my life on the wrong foundation. It’s time to return to my first love, Jesus, and whatever He calls me to.

Also, this blog costs nearly $300 to run each year and I kept finding every way I could to justify keeping a dying blog. I have the money to keep going, but I’ve not put the time into blogging to justify the price. I still have things to say, and I may say a bit on my back up blog from time to time ( Who knows, you may just read my books in the near future.

So goodbye but hello, to a new Amber. I’m still around. You know where to find me.

God bless, much love, and remember the High King lives!

-Amber Dover


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