My New Central Blog

Hello, Dear Ones! Welcome to my new central blog: The Spotless Bride.

Soon will shut down and over four years of content will be unavailable until I open up new blogs I’m working on. I’m putting together themed blogs on Wix:

Chronically Amber Chronicles- A Physical and Mental Health Journey

Amber Makes a Home- domestic life

Amber’s Magical World- Holidays, parties, date nights, and Summer fun

Amber Dover Teaches- a homeschool blog

Amber Dover’s Adventures- Virtual and Real World travels

I didn’t want over 400 hours of work to disappear. So it’s tucked away safe as can be. Now, I can tend to whichever interest I’m into when I have the time…instead of feeling like I have to keep up with it all on one blog. Also, it is a fresh start. Now, people who are interested in specific subjects, won’t have to wade through every subject I’m interested in. My mind can be a tangled place and my previous blog was beginning to show that.

When the sites are up I will add the links to this post. As of now (January 2020) these are future projects and not my main focus. I took down for financial and personal reasons. I feel I need to focus on writing books. I’m not sure which blogs will be up first or when. I’ll keep you posted on this blog: The Spotless Bride.

I hope to blog regularly on here about spiritual matters and general matters of the heart.

Thank you to all of you who have faithfully prayed for my family and have come along for this blogging adventure. It’s been over nine years.

God bless & remember the High King lives! ~Amber Dover

PS: Remember you can still catch posts from 2011- 2015 on my older blog:

I really put out a lot of content back in those days.

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